EuroCup LacDuDer (19.-22. Apr 2019)

This year, the athmosphere during the Open skiff regatta at the lac du Der was totally different, compared to the last two years; it was like a summer regatta, with a perfect blue sky and around 23?C...great shorty weather.
The breizhskiff organization was, as usual, close to perfection and in addition to the normal warm welcome, a local beer festival was held at the Ufolep center.

47 skiffs from France, Germany, Italy, England, Switzerland and Netherland were ready to battle on the lake. As last year, only 3 Mustos attended the regatta, but some other skiffs with comparable or better speed (i14, 49erFX, RS800, RS700, B14) were there and promoted interesting close racing.

Saturday afternoon 3 races were scheduled and completed in perfect cinema conditions; 10-15kts (with 35-40? shifts according to my compass) on totally flat water.
The 3 races of the day were pretty the same in term of tactic and the goal was to be able to spot the next shift and be the first in it. An average of 3 laps per race was realized and a lot of tacks and gybes were required to be synchronized with the wind, but also to pass thru the mid-course upwind and downwind gates.

Sunday we waited for the wind, despite the good forecast, and had the possibility to sail only one race in the afternoon in...Swiss conditions (0-5kts). All sailors were nervous and despite a first general recall, still a lot of boats were over the line. This was a long and hot race with a very close first beat, as even the RS500 have a comparable speed upwind in these conditions. Once again the tactic was totally determinent for the final result; the goal, this time, was more to avoid wind holes.

Monday was about the same weather as sunday and it was not easy for the comitee to set and launch a good race. After another general recall, the fleet started in 0-5kts to reach the first buoy on a short race with only two laps. This time, on a so short race, none of the first boats had the possibility to save their rating against the RS500; four of them finished mathematically in front of the fleet, having a non-negligible impact on the general results.
Current RS800 European champions won the regatta for the second time in a row, followed by the Cadre brother on their B14 and the team Treguier-Donnat on another RS800.

Despite the relatively lower number of races this year, the regatta was definitely an excellent moment of sailing and the ambience was, as usual, excellent. The next breizhskiff regatta is the MOST at lac de Monteynard in the local thermal wind and I hope to see you there.